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How to Try the LOC Method this Winter

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
How to Try the LOC Method this Winter
By Devri

The “Liquid, Oil, Cream Method” (also known as LOC method) for natural and curly hair has been proven time and time again to provide intense moisture and definition. In the winter time, many curlies lose moisture because of dry climatic conditions, so the LOC method is often used on wash days to provide and prolong healthy hydration to the curl. You may find that in winter your hair needs more products and a few extra steps to keep it moisturized. If this sounds like you, then follow this simple guide to the LOC method.


The LOC method, in order

  • Liquid
  • Oil
  • Cream

Water is the ultimate form of moisture. It is all natural, easy to get access to, and your curls love it. During wash days we use it regardless, so the oil and cream components are a must.

Oil can be chosen depending on which one your hair responds to best. Some curlies prefer jojoba oil because it absorbs well, and is great for those with sensitive scalp. Others might opt for olive oil because of its viscosity–thick, and heavy enough to produce great results on medium to high porosity hair. Coconut oil is also a great option because of its ability to penetrate the hair shaft and hold on to water and reduce protein loss.

Creams are important because they moisturize and seal the oil and water to the hair shaft. But be cautious of the word ‘cream’; the best option is to use a leave-in cream versus a curling/styling cream. They act differently, and a leave-in provides the sealing properties your curls need. Use a styling cream, gel, mousse, etc. afterward to lock the style into place for the day. Raw shea butter is also an effective option.

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