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6 Foods for Growing Long, Healthy, Natural Hair

By January 27th, 2021One Comment
6 Foods for Growing Long, Healthy, Natural Hair
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by Vineetha Reddy

Caring for your hair involves more than just protecting it from dust and pollution, and using external applicants to nourish it. The biggest factor that determines the quality of your hair is what you consume. For your hair to be nourished from the inside, you need to eat foods rich in certain vitamins and minerals that are essential for hair health. Here is a list of fruits and vegetables that provide your curls with the nutrients they need to be healthy and gorgeous.


1. Spinach
Iron is one of the essential minerals that your hair requires. It is responsible for carrying oxygen to your hair and also involved in various processes that take place in the hair follicle. There have been many links drawn in between the deficiency of iron and hair loss. Spinach is a vegetable known for its high iron content. It also contains folate, which is a B vitamin that helps in the creation of red blood cells. The red blood cells, with the aid of iron, can carry oxygen more efficiently.
The health benefits of consuming spinach are many and not limited to your hair. Spinach juice is a good way to absorb all the beneficial nutrients that are present in this vegetable.

2. Lemon
Because of its high vitamin C content, lemon is considered to be an important fruit to consume to maintain your curls. It not only makes you feel better when you are sick but also keeps your scalp healthy. If you have oily hair, you can also use lemon as a hair rinse after you shower. For this, add two teaspoons of lemon in a cup of water and use it to wash your hair after you shampoo.

3. Carrot
We know the pain of having hair that tends to be dry and brittle. Carrots help with curly hair’s tendency to be dry as the beta carotene in them turn into vitamin A when ingested by the body. This vitamin A, in turn, promotes the production of sebum in your scalp. Sebum is the oily substance that forms a protective layer around your hair shafts to keep them moisturized. For this reason, carrots, when combined with bananas, make an effective deep conditioning hair mask.

4. Avocado
Avocados contain omega-3 fatty acids and other proteins that are essential for hair growth. You could also mash up some avocados and apply the resulting paste to your scalp for an effective hair mask that will condition your hair and scalp. This can also be used for your skin. Avocado has many properties that make it an ideal fruit for hair and skin care.

5. Sweet potato
Sweet potato is another vegetable, like carrot, that promotes hair growth because of its high beta-carotene content. Vitamin A encourages cell development. Sweet potatoes are also packed with iron, protein, and vitamin C. Sweet potato combats not only dry hair but also hair loss. The best way to cook sweet potato without losing out on its nutrients is to bake it. One sweet potato provides you with double the recommended daily intake amount of vitamin A.

6. Apple
Apples can be very beneficial for curly hair because of their high vitamin content. They contain vitamins A, B, and E, all of which are extremely useful for hair. Raw apples are good for new hair growth as they contain Procyanidin B-2. It can also prevent graying because of its ability to retain melanin, the pigment that gives your hair and skin their color.

Treat your gorgeous curls to these delicious fruits and vegetables that will boost their health and improve their appearance.

6 Foods for Growing Long, Healthy, Natural Hair

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