In order to receive what’s meant for you, you first have to BE you. Become your Self.

But how does the real you feel? As you continue to read these words, relax your shoulders, breathe more deeply, consciously, and slowly into your abdomen, and smile gently.
In a moment, close your eyes and feel this relaxation in your being. This quiet-joy… a ‘relief’. Familiarize yourself with yourSelf. Tension is not you. Relaxation is. Take a screenshot of this inner state.

And then, open your eyes as the person who HAS that desire. Who IS all that you previously wanted to be. You closed your eyes in one reality, and you’ve opened them in the new reality. Look around and FEEL your inner being. Experience your inner Self, this Love, more than you experience the outer world. Although you aren’t seeing anything different, you’re feeling different, and the feeling of it (the smile, the relaxed shoulders, the peaceful vibration radiating out from your heart) is the first sign that you’re walking in destiny, that your desire is here… that all is well.

The more you ‘paste’ that vibe, this inner state on every moment of life, the more you’ll experience moments that reinforce that feeling of relaxed-gratitude. Keep choosing Peace, keep being YOU, and receive.

Standing with you in and AS Love,