Henna Curlynikki 2021

Henna Curlynikki 2021

Hey hey!

So by the looks of my bun in the sun… I’m operating at like 40% gray, right? I figure I’m going to hit a threshold where the orange/red will be tewww much, and I’ll have to let it go, let it gray. But I don’t want to salt and pepper!!!! I want to go STORM or go home!

henna gray hair

I’m clearly over-due for a henna treatment.  I’ve been doing about once-a-month for more than a few years, and only in the front, and only on the roots… only God knows what the back of my head looks like. But what you can’t see on Zoom, don’t matter!

My mix is simple and fast– about a cup of henna powder, cooled, strong Black tea, and a little honey + conditioner.  I leave it in (on dry hair) for an hour or two, and then rinse, condition, and style.  Nothing like the old days!

Do you still henna? At what point do you think I should just say ‘eff it’ and rock the gray?!