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6 Steps to Self-Love Success

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According to Malanda, the steps to self-love are: 1.Dig 2. Isolate 3. Ache from being ‘lonely’ 4. Healing 5. Acceptance 6. See God where you are, and where the world is. self-love self-love self-love  We look in the mirror and feel Go(o)d. We look at our family from the feeling of Love. We look at the people we don’t like…

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The Power of Surrendering & Continual Prayer - Tiffany Young's Journey to HERself

The Power of Surrendering & Praying without Ceasing – Tiffany Young’s Journey to Best Life Living

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photo credit: Barry Eugene Tiffany Young on The Power of Surrendering & Praying without Ceasing  HERjourney “If I am not in that Peace I have simply forgotten to surrender. As a silly, anxious human I often forget that life is teaching me the overwhelming importance of remembering! The chaos leads me back to surrender over and again.” – Tiffany Young…

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