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Curly Nikki

Does Clay Washing Actually Clean Hair?

via BeautyBrains Joneen asks: I have a question about rhassoul clay. I’ve heard great things about using it as a shampoo. My concern, though, is mineral buildup. This is one of the results of hard water that has a negative impact on hair, and something I am currently experiencing and want to avoid in the …

Curly Nikki

5 Shampoos To Try For Your Natural Hair

by Jensine from Jungle Naps A good clarifying/moisturizing shampoo can do wonders for your natural hair and scalp. For those of us that don’t stick to strictly cowashing, the quest for a holy grail shampoo can sometimes be quite frustrating. These five shampoos are definitely worth a try if you’re on the hunt for a …

Curly Nikki

All About the Curly Girl Method

PHOTO COURTESY OF SHINESTRUCK by Raquel Aguiar The Curly Girl Method, otherwise known as CG Method, was developed from Curly Girl: The Handbook, a book written by Lorraine Massey and Deborah Chiel which helps people embrace their natural hair texture. With that objective in mind, Massey described a new and revolutionary routine to get healthy, …