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Curly Nikki

Dry Natural Hair and How to Fix It!

by Christina Patrice At some point in our natural hair journey, we’ve all been there. Or maybe you’re there now, and that’s why you’re reading this. Whatever the case may be, nobody likes the feeling of dry, crispy, overworked hair that breaks off into thin wisps at the slightest touch. But before we get in …

Curly Nikki

7 Signs You Need a Trim NOW!

by Kristen Richards There are a few ways that your ends can tell you when it’s time for the good ol’ heave-ho. Sometimes all it takes is one look at your lifeless, scraggly ends to get the hint. Other times it can be subtle, leaving you confused about your how to solve your problem. Luckily, …

Curly Nikki

7 Ways to Prevent Split Ends and Breakage

by Claire Aviles Is the dry winter air killing your volume and shine? It’s probably also causing extra breakage, especially since you’re constantly pulling sweaters, scarves, and coats over your head.  Keep your curls looking fabulous with our 7 tips for fighting split ends: Don’t Be Picky DO NOT pick at your split ends.  Doing …