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finger detangling - Curly Nikki

Detangling Natural Hair- Wet or Dry?

By Curly Nikki One Comment

by Janelle Sands We are often taught not to put a comb to our hair unless it is drenched in conditioner. We are also taught never to brush the hair when wet. So which is it? In what state is our hair weaker or stronger? To answer this question, we must understand the structure of the hair strand. Each strand…

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Finger Detangling 101

By Curly Nikki No Comments

source via Finger detangling is a delicate and intricate procedure. If done properly, it is entirely possible to go without combs and have an exclusive finger combing routine. This is especially beneficial for women who have hair that easily breaks during the detangling process. It is also possible to incorporate finger combing as a first part to your detangling…

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