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Curly Nikki

Stop Natural Hair Breakage, Now!

IG @cachosdavic by Sabrina Perkins of There are just some hair maintenance “musts” that one must do to ensure they keep healthy hair. Some are no-brainers like washing hair while others seem counter-productive. Believe me when I say it is like pulling teeth to get some to understand the importance of a biggie like …

Curly Nikki

Cut Down on Hair Shedding, Now!

 by Emilia Obiekea of Suffering from way too much shedding? Many have heard of tea rinsing as a solution for excessive hair shedding. A less popular but more effective rinse can be done with coffee. Read On!>>> What is DHT? Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a naturally occurring metabolite of the testosterone hormone made by the …