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#inspiration - Curly Nikki

Can Going Natural Really Affect Your Career?

By Curly Nikki 35 Comments

by Dr. Phoenyx Austin Let me ask a couple questions: Were you afraid of going natural because you were worried what your employer/coworkers would think? Are you thinking about going natural right now, but hesitate because you think it will negatively affect your career? The issue of “natural hair is unprofessional” was something I also struggled with before doing my…

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Nyla and Her Curlfriends

By Curly Nikki 23 Comments

Hey Nik: I would like to thank you for your site! It is so amazing. Recently, I went all the way to California, and met two wonderful ladies from the 35+ thread in the forums! These are truly my “PLAY COUSINS”! Wonderful friendships have developed as a result of hanging out on this site. From left to right: Ryl is…

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Rene is 2 Years In- Naturalversary!!!

By Curly Nikki 30 Comments

Rene Syler of Good Enough Mother has been natural for 2 years!!! Check out her amazing progress: Rene says; The time went by so fast! When I first cut my hair in 2009, I was jonesing for length. I was told to be patient and to ‘enjoy the journey’, but all I could think about was how my hair wasn’t…

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Liz J. Celebrates 1 Year Natural!

By Curly Nikki 22 Comments

I just celebrated my 1 year naturalversary on January 25th! The first picture is from the day I did my big chop, and of course the second is from today, only one year later! I rarely wear my hair stretched, but it’s amazing to see the growth that I have, despite my shrinkage. Your site has been extremely helpful throughout…

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