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#inspiration - Curly Nikki

Style Pantry on CurlyNikki!

By Curly Nikki 30 Comments

Hola Chicas, Last week a Twitter follower suggested I check out and interview the creator of StylePantry– an amazing fashion blog produced by one gorgeous natural. Can I just say… Folake Kuye Huntoon is it! Hair. Face. Fashions. Stunning. I immediately reached out, and what started as a conversation about my own fashion needs turned into a collaboration! Every Wednesday,…

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A Curl is a Curl: Are 4c Spirals Coveted?

By Curly Nikki 46 Comments

source by Antoinette of It is so disheartening to me when I introduce myself and A Curl’s Best Friend at an event and the person, usually with 4a-c hair, responds with statements like: “I don’t have curly hair”, “My hair is nappy not curly”, or “I’d wear my hair natural if I had hair like yours”. I happen to…

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My Hair Is Too Nappy To Go Natural

By Curly Nikki 38 Comments

source by Kurlybella of K is for Kinky I’ve often sat in interesting, long, hair-focused, conversations with transitioners or women thinking about going natural or even those who recently big chopped only to learn by the end of the conversation that they were heavily contemplating going back to being relaxed. While I’m not 100% anti-relaxer or 100% pro-natural for everyone,…

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“All She Did Was Cut Her Hair…

By Curly Nikki 10 Comments

“…So Why Are ‘Congratulations’ in Order?” by Angela of Oh, inquisitive one…..I’m so glad you asked….. She was raised in a society where straight, long and shiny hair was the standard of beauty. When she reached the age of five, this standard of beauty had already begun working on her self esteem. In her mind, one with straight, long…

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An Ode to My Natural Hair (Giveaway CLOSED)

By Curly Nikki 115 Comments

and the winner is…. **Mz. Reesie** Congrats!!! Send your contact info ASAP to I’ve got 4 more to giveaway so check back soon! ********************************************************* SteppinOut writes; Hi Nik! Lately I’ve really been feeling my hair. Each day I am more and more proud of my choice to wear my hair in its natural state. It so me and I…

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