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Musings of a First Time Mom - Curly Nikki

Gia Takes Sesame Street

By Curly Nikki 72 Comments

Front row tickets to see Sesame Street Live -150 dollars $5 dollar glow stick I could have got from the dollar store– 25 dollars The dumbfounded look on our faces when we were expecting her to be terrified yet she was completely elated…priceless. I mean c’mon y’all, she damn near clawed my face when my dad dressed up as Santa…

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A Family That Prays Together…

By Curly Nikki 116 Comments

And the winner is…TiffanyChanee Congrats diva! Email me ASAP at with your address and full name!Thanks to everyone for participating… I’ll be back soon with another one! ******************************* Hola Chicas, I came home to Pensacola to witness my uncle’s ordination and tonight, I did just that. I’m proud to say that he is now Pastor Delarian Pogue III! More…

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Sweet Home Pensacola- Day 3

By Curly Nikki 55 Comments

Yesterday was all about quality time. We kicked it off with a family brunch– ‘I live for the static…’ future Saints player…“these kids wear crowns over here, and everything is alright…”– Drakethe newest addition!- Have you seen that Geico commercial with the little piggy? Boogie was ‘weee weee weee’ing’ all the way down the sidewalk! gifted Leggings- Black Milkgifted Shirt-…

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Sweet Home Pensacola- Day 2 (Updates!)

By Curly Nikki 170 Comments

And the winner is…Momo Get me your address and contact info to ASAP! Congrats! ****************************** Didn’t anticipate this humidity. I mean, yeah, it’s Florida, but it’s the panhandle and last I checked, it was still winter… right? No. Last night my hair was in shock. It was swollen, tangled and talking back… it was all, ‘boo-boo, your efforts are…

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Sweet Home Pensacola…

By Curly Nikki 163 Comments

WINNERS! DiJahAshleylibrarian2b Send your addresses to using ‘CURLS’ as the subject line! …good to be back in the state where I was born. Although I’m embarrassed that it’s been 5 long years since my last visit, I’m elated to share that I’m here for a good reason, a happy occasion: Uncle Chocolate is getting ordained! So it’s Pastor Chocolate…

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Bandwagons and Squirrels

By Curly Nikki 97 Comments

So Hubby’s a little perturbed. By now, y’all know me. I’ll go hard with something for like a week, maybe two, then… I kick that habit like I’m Bruce Leroy with the glow. My health kicks are no different… I’ll be good for weeks, even months, but then I get amnesia and forget how sick that last cheeseburger from BK…

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It’s Raining in Hollywood

By Curly Nikki 103 Comments

If you’re looking for me to say something very profound after Whitney’s death, stop, because I’m not capable. What the hell do you say after a Queen passes? There are no words poignant enough. But what I can do is share my experiences the way many of you have on Facebook. So let’s start with the fact that I came…

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Reunited at Last!

By Curly Nikki 73 Comments

After an unexpected and wickedly inconvenient overnight layover in Philly, Hubby finally arrived safe and sound this afternoon. We took to the roof to enjoy the weather– so, um, how hot are these leggings?! sweater- Express (old)leggings- gifted from Black Milkboots-Madden Girl from Macys they spinnin’! My mom arrives tonight at 9 pm! This will be her first time in…

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Essence Black Women in Music!

By Curly Nikki 83 Comments

I almost lost my last nerve yesterday y’all. I left my house at 5am for a 7am flight and two layovers and 15 hours later, I touched down in Los Angeles. In Phoenix, I boarded an aircraft, broke down Gia’s stroller, shoved my ish into the cramped overhead compartment, sat on the tarmac for 30 minutes, wrestled with Gia, de-boarded,…

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