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Musings of a First Time Mom - Curly Nikki

A Good Hair Day…(that just keeps on giving)

By Curly Nikki 105 Comments

It’s official, the cut is bomb… everything I envisioned. It volumized my situation and trimmed about 30 minutes off of my detangling and styling time. Got me grinning from temple to temple… This is the result of a partial Twist-n-Curl. I say partial, ’cause I used about 4 flexis on the sides to create some fake layers. I styled wet,…

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Honey Badger Gia

By Curly Nikki 75 Comments

At 16 months, it’s been quite entertaining watching Boogie’s little personality develop. On one hand, she’s a cute little curly topped sponge, a typical toddler with perpetually sticky hands that understands everything that comes out of my mouth yet picks and chooses what to act on. It’s like, she knows that I know that she knows what I’m talking about,…

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Swag on Zero…

By Curly Nikki 67 Comments

…had no choice but to wash and resurrect the curls! Still silky and luxurious, my almost disrespectfully fine hair wasn’t even thinking about reverting, making this wash, totally premature and unnecessary. I was jonesing for the volume… the texture… the swagnificence! After a week of perusing the web about ways to naturally thicken fine hair, I came right back around…

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Santa Claus is a Black Man

By Curly Nikki 91 Comments

“That’s beautiful. What is that, velvet?”– Coming to America So I convinced my dad to dress as Santa in order to avoid the ridiculous lines and overpriced but somehow average pics with an anorexic, or worse, mullet wearing mall Santa. Remember him? Absolutely ridic. Almost made me cuss. Plus, I thought ‘Grandpa Santa’ would make for one of them ‘kodak…

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Target Headband and Random Banter

By Curly Nikki 44 Comments

Hola Chicas! So you’ll be pleased to know that not only did my tardy ass start my Christmas shopping today, I also completed it. What?! I rolled up in Target- my favoritest destination- on a serious mission and knocked it out. I was in and out in under an hour, which is great because the longer I peruse, the more…

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An Evening of Pottery Painting…

By Curly Nikki 40 Comments

To kick off the holidays, I invited friends and family out to Your Pots Desire— one of those trendy pottery painting studios. Random? Yes, totally. But my sister put me on and sold it when she said that we (1) get our very own space to fraternize, (2) get to bring our own wine and snacks, and (3) get to…

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TIGI After Party and Boogie Adventures

By Curly Nikki 59 Comments

Two things– 1. The ever phallic Tigi BedHead After Party gave me what can only be described as my best dry twist-out to date. The ingredients, I can’t. Might as well have been written in French. The worst I’ve seen. Terrible. Deplorable. Damn bad. But still, out of curiosity, I used a teeny bit per twist (the same 7 I…

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Boogie’s Twist-Out & Other Shenanigans

By Curly Nikki 55 Comments

Hola Chicas, So Boogs is CurlyNikki 2.0. Our hair, despite the slight color difference, is so similar, it’s bananas. What I affectionately refer to as ‘Gia’s pretty hair’ (to which she softly tugs on it and grins) is so damn fine… it’s wavy up front, coily and frizzier in the back, dry as the Sahara and beyond tangly. Sound familiar?…

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