So make yourself comfortable, and dish!

One of the missions of is to provide a platform for YOU, the reader, to be able to share your natural hair stories and experiences. It’s essentially an online hair therapy session- – a safe place to vent, and express your concerns and frustrations with going natural. We’re all here to motivate, educate, and inspire one another! Plus, you’ll get to show off your fabulous hair and share you knowledge with thousands of women– receives nearly four million views a month!

I’m doing an all call for the following:

  • Guest Bloggers– is now taking articles from guest bloggers. Please be sure to first submit a proposal of what you plan to write about. If it’s a re-post from your blog (which I gladly welcome!), send along the article, a link to your blog, and a pic of yourself. Upon posting, you should experience a pretty good flow of new traffic! Thought and discussion provoking topics are most wanted.

  • On The Therapist’s Couch– Tell us your hair story as it relates to your image, and self-esteem. What have you learned? What would you share with someone just starting out? Read, My Story, for an example. Pics are welcome!!!***
  • Curl to CurlSubmit a question you want answered by the community!
  • Style Ideas– Submit pictures of your signature style, complete with instructions for the rest of us!
  • Show & Tell Fridays Throughout the week, send in pictures of your hair looking its best, or your ‘total package’ photos from head to toe. I’ll post ten each Friday for your viewing pleasure. Send submissions to [email protected], and use “Show&Tell” as the subject line. Be sure to include a brief description!

Send your submissions to [email protected], using the specific category your submission falls in as the subject line.

Later Gators,


**I don’t post nakey pics, lol, or pics of ladies with texturized or relaxed hair that aren’t planning on transitioning. All healthy hair is gorgeous, but this site is purely for the naturally glam divas!

***Submit your story today! You never know who you’ll inspire 🙂