after a henna treatment in May

Hola Chicas,

I’m officially restocked! I wrote in to Catherine at inquiring about all the emails I’d received from you gals this past year detailing your inability to get your hands on my beloved and highly recommended BAQ Jamila Henna (the kind in the foil wrapping). I also wanted deets on the best of the best crop she had in stock… I’ve been out of the game for a minute and need to play catch up.

Catherine shared a ton, but the gist is that Mehandi is now having their henna’s lawsone and pesticide content independently tested and she wasn’t impressed with Jamila’s results. Apparently their lawsone content- the dye molecule that gives us our amazing results- is unpredictable and the pesticide levels are frequently higher than other hennas due to blowover from nearby cotton farming. Jamila, you’re on notice!

So with that, she’s since been exploring other options and has brought in several new crops from other areas. The Rajasthani Twilight came highly recommended with one of the highest lawsone contents (2.9%), silky texture (which means easily applied and rinsed), and fine sift. I purchased a kilo (hehe, a kilo) and was gifted 500g of a different Jamila crop to test. So yeah, I’m good… for a while. I’ll be back soon with reviews!



Where are you getting your henna from? What’s your favorite brand right now and why?