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Curly Nikki

Boogie, Beers, and Baby Animals

By January 27th, 202155 Comments
Boogie, Beers, and Baby Animals

Stopped through STL to reunite with the kiddo and spend some quality time with the fam.  Much in the spirit of family centered entertainment, we loaded up the car and paid a visit to Grant’s Farm, a popular historic site once owned and kept by Ulysses S. Grant. After exchanging hands several times, it was bought and restored by none other than… Anheuser-Busch.  So while little Billy is feeding the camels, Daddy’s throwing back free beers.  America the Beautiful. 

I hadn’t been there in probably 15 years, so it was all very surreal.  Hubby, Momma, Syl, Aunty, my nephew Marc and Boog were all in attendance, but I’d argue that I had the most fun. I don’t know if it was seeing the horrified look smiles on my daughter’s face or the free beers, but it really was a great day! Aside from the funnel cakes and their powdery goodness and the candy crunch of the warm kettle corn, I love a petting zoo and can watch an elephant show all day.   

Click here to check out the view–


The cabin built by Ulysses S. Grant…
Boogie, Beers, and Baby Animals
Boogie, Beers, and Baby Animals

This hungry lil’ goat looked right at Boog…
Boogie, Beers, and Baby Animals 
Per her usual…look at that hand! “No mommy, I don’t DO animals.”
Boogie, Beers, and Baby Animals
“I miss my tea set…”
Boogie, Beers, and Baby Animals
I had to feed them :-/
Boogie, Beers, and Baby Animals
Boogie, Beers, and Baby Animals
Boogie, Beers, and Baby Animals
Boogie, Beers, and Baby Animals

Boogie, Beers, and Baby Animals

Boogie, Beers, and Baby Animals
See the curls up front and frizz in the back? We have nearly the exact same head of hair… but her’s is thicker and browner. Oh the fun we will have over the next few years! 🙂
Boogie, Beers, and Baby Animals
Boogie, Beers, and Baby AnimalsBoogie, Beers, and Baby Animals

Boogie, Beers, and Baby AnimalsBoogie, Beers, and Baby Animals

In order to make the camel safe to feed, they got him for his top teeth. #ratchet 
Boogie, Beers, and Baby Animals
Boogie, Beers, and Baby Animals
And the day before…

Boogie just signed a 3 year deal for CSI: St. Louis!
Boogie, Beers, and Baby Animals 
Sidenote: Me and the fam were out for a Sunday morning breakfast and a waitress managed to spill a plate on the blouse of a lady at the table not 3 feet from us. Completely out of habit, in my best three year old voice, I immediately yell “uh-oooooooooooooh!” My family was completely mortified, lol! Syl leaned in to remind me “it’s only cute when Gia does it.” #ToucheSyl. #Touche. 


  • Nish says:

    LOL, too freakin cute! I'm still stuck on free beer on the farm, but I dig it. Way to go photographer, I felt like I was on the farm with the whole family and that toothless, okay top row only, camel.

  • Meika says:

    This kid is so cute!! The farm looks like fun tho for real. Yay for family time!

  • Bridget says:

    So adorable!

  • marianela says:

    I remember when I took my at the time 1 1/2 year old son to a petting zoo with loose deers running around. My son was sick and tired of the huge deer with antlers taking the feed inside the cone, so he decided to smack it, omg I have never seen a deer look so mad. To say the least I left very quickly and that deer just starred us down as we left lol. Good luck with the petting zoo, it looks like you and your daughter had fun.

  • Anonymous says:

    LMFAO! Excellent pictures and stories as always girl! Thanks for the laugh!

  • Anonymous says:

    Gia is becoming quite a young lady, she was all like no thank you momma I don't want to pet, see nor smell these animals. My son is the same age & he would've been trying to attack the animals, lol!

    Brooke B.

  • Derika says:

    Lol @ ratchet camel comment. Poor camel! Your little girl is adorable! How old is she? I have a 20 month old son and I have yet to take him anywhere near animals. Lol I can only imagine his facial expressions.

  • Anonymous says:

    You and your family are beautiful!

  • Anonymous says:

    I was home in STL for Memorial Day! We always (why?) hit Anheuser Busch for the free beer tour, and the St. Louis Science Center.

    Nikki, I so enjoy your stories – and look at Baby Gia's hair, y'all!!

  • Paula L White says:

    the pic of you, your mom, your sis and boog…priceless!

  • Lola says:

    Great pics and great hair!!

  • GGmadeit says:

    Who is that big girl and where is Boogie *folds arms*
    Nikki you are the best story teller! I always feel like I'm right with you. All that beautiful hair, I love it!

  • BrownLady says:

    Oh so lovely. My son has the exact same hair as Bood. Loose curls in the front and tight in the back. He was born in Aug 2012 also…

  • Kudos says:

    Love the CSI pic, and all you lovely natural ladies!!

  • Anonymous says:

    CN what did you do with your hair? It looks great and really defined!

  • Anonymous says:

    Gia's hair has really blossomed! I want the details too!

  • Rachael says:

    Yes! Grant's Farm! I love the animals too Nikki!

  • Anonymous says:

    Alright Nik, spill the beans on everyone's hair regimen, including Boog's. :o)

  • Anonymous says:

    i love boogies fro! i love to see our kids with their natural hair out.

  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:

    The CSI pic/remark—PRICELESS!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Gia's so big!!!!!!!!! OMG and the hair girl… I'm beside myself.

    Lovelovelove that family pic. Y'all are gorgeous!

  • TheSkirtLife says:

    <3 that picture with three generations of natural hair!

    I also think it's so cute that you let Boogie and her little fro be great.

  • Dana says:

    Fun times! Hubby and I took our daughter there at about the same age as Gia and she was like…"Uh, what made you think I would like this?" We waited a few years and took her back at age 5 and she had a BLAST! LOL

    Like ljkelly said, Grant's Farm is an STL must see!

    Awesome photos Nikki. Thanks for sharing!

  • DianePrincess says:

    Thanks Nikki, you brought back memories with the hungry goats! I'm loving Boog's hair!

  • ljkelly says:

    Aww, I love Grant's Farm! It's an STL must! 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    The poor camel! It looks like you had fun!!!

  • Jillian says:

    I absolutely love the hair on your heads! It's so healthy looking! Gia is one lucky baby!

  • Anonymous says:

    Great genes in your family Nikki!

  • Anonymous says:

    Looks like a fun day. I don't do animals. Gia's reading too!

  • Rhonda C says:


    I love the family pic showing off your curly halos. Thanks for sharing and glad that a fun time was had by all (well, most). I am with Gia, give me my tea set any day of the week!

    PS. Sly's hair is to die for…thick and lush!

  • Anonymous says:

    LOVED this post! Thanks so much for sharing Nikki! Gia is as adorable as ever.:) She is growing up so fast and her hair is growing as well. Love her curly fro! And I agree with the other ladies who commented…Nikki you have a beautiful family…you guys always seem to have fun together!:)


  • Pecancurls says:

    Boog, is too cute!! Not mad at her…those goats can get pretty demanding when they want food. :)Love the CSI pix. Her hair is growing so fast.

    Syl, has got some fiercely big hair! Love it!

  • Anonymous says:

    Awwww…hopefuly she'll warm up to animals when she's a little older. Love her fro! 🙂 ~KF519

  • Neesha.Chérie says:

    "I miss my tea set…"


  • Anonymous says:

    This is the most adorable picture: with the two magnifying glasses. She gets the concept of glasses…for real…

  • Anonymous says:

    This post brings back memories! I am from STL as well and my most recent trip to Grant's Farm with my niece (age 3)ended up very similarly. I got attacked by hungry baby goats while she held my neck for dear life. I definately enjoyed the trip more than she did. Boogie's fro is getting BIG!

  • Anonymous says:

    You are too cute!

  • Anonymous says:

    Laughed out loud at your embarassing moment! I have a 4 year ol and find myself blurting out things too! You look great by the way and Boogie is a doll!

  • Anonymous says:

    lol! Ohh the moments of 'potty' and 'Im ready to eat eat' Ive had with real live adults! It was so hard for me to turn it off at first. So embarrassing!

  • Anonymous says:

    I love Grants Farm! Nikki, did you get your Chinese food while you were here?

  • Anonymous says:

    LMFAO!!!!! Divas!

  • Devon says:

    Bawwwhawwww @ your uh oh, smh!! That's hilarious! Love the pics Nik what are you feeding Gia's hair?!? I need my baby's hair to start growing like that STAT! But no, just like you 2 are hair twins, so are me and my ll mama. Her hair is just like mine @ her age, thin and very fine, so we will see if she starts to sprout like a weed. But seriously, what do you use on her hair? I try different stuff all the time and can't seem to get the right combo:/

  • Kimmie says:

    These are my favorite posts of yours! GiaBia is beautiful!

  • Stephanie says:

    Gia is getting so BIG!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    She doesn't have a TWA any more! What do you use in her hair now?

  • Anonymous says:

    Lol! Cute!

  • Keisha says:

    Beautiful pics! She's growing up too fast!

  • Miss Rachel M. says:

    Loving the pictures! Pretty sure I enjoy a zoo more than anyone else I know! Gia is tooo cute "such a little diva"!

    You guys are going to have a blast with all that beautiful hair on her head!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    They didn't have to do that camel like that…lol! 😉

    Gia is too cute–you have a beautiful family Nik!


  • Anonymous says:

    LMAO at her little hands and expression!

  • Anonymous says:

    You have a beautiful family!

  • Anonymous says:

    She is the cutest "CSI St. Louis" character that I've ever seen. And i'm with Boogie, those baby goats get a little too excited. If they don't get their grub off the ground, then they are on their own!! Me too Boog, I don't do the animal scene!!
    Allnatural1 (Michelle in TX)

  • jly says:

    You are loosing a baby and gaining a little woman lol. You can see her personality shine through these pictures.

  • DiJah says:

    Look at all y'all hair!!! GAWJUS! Just gawjus! I love it.

    and thank you for the mini history lesson Nikki, if i'm ever in STL i'll go check it out : )

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