Southern Fried Family Reunion
There’s no rest for the weary y’all and we’re still going harder
than a mug over here. A last minute decision to road trip to
Reidsville, NC completely derailed the ‘Imma park it for a month and get
my ish together’ plan. In this instance, ‘Ish’ being, my health, and
more specifically, my diet. Between the MSG from my ramen binges, the
excess sugar from my desire to consume buckets of Orange Soda like my
name was Kel, the sodium from all of the preserved and pre-packaged junk
and complete and utter lack (and avoidance) of vegetables and water,
it’s no surprise that I’ve been sick, sluggish and foggy as hell. I was working out sporadically at best, and religiously forgot to take my
vitamins. So terribly ratchet.

Right before we left, I was getting back on my game. I
had resumed my 3-4 mile daily walks and was eating pretty healthy meals,
even drinking some per Cindy Blackman.

Southern Fried Family Reunion
I’ve also added chlorophyll to my list ‘o supplements… re-read Cindy’s interview when you get a chance. Thank me later!  She’s like, 50… looks 30. Her write-up is full of gems.

 I was doing my best to resist sugar, dairy and extra additives in
order to reboot my system but all bets were off as soon as Hubby
declared that we were packing it up and heading to his annual family
reunion. In Reidsville, NC. The South. Where everything is fried,
smothered, covered and swimming in gravy and delicious bacon fat. And I
can’t lie, I stayed in the kitchen. In the got damn refrigerator,
eating up all the food… all the chicken…all the pig feet…all the collard
greens…all the hog maws. But seriously…

I. Ate. Everything.

Even got
with the banana pudding and went in on the sweet potato pie. But
tomorrow’s a new day.

*hits the reset button*

hubby setting up shop
Southern Fried Family Reunion
Southern Fried Family Reunion 

The homie Kerricka!
Southern Fried Family Reunion
(pictured below on the left) is not only a cousin, friend and Gia’s
godfather, he’s the custodian of the Flack family history.  He’s rebuilt
it from the ground up and in the process, happened upon a piece of living history, his long lost cousin Toady. Check out the full story HERE
Southern Fried Family Reunion

In the brown shirt (missing for 10 years), Toady is pictured here talking with a reporter from the local paper. 
Southern Fried Family Reunion
Southern Fried Family Reunion
Southern Fried Family Reunion
Ken reppin’ Team Natural!
Southern Fried Family Reunion
Vivian Inez on the mic! 
She’s the eldest member of the family and the sole surviving sister to
hubby’s grandmother Mary Magdalene Flack McDonald. There were 10 children in that first generation and we were taking a moment to honor and celebrate her.
Southern Fried Family Reunion
Southern Fried Family Reunion
partner in crime, cousin, friend and Boogie-Sitter, Kim!
!Southern Fried Family Reunion
Southern Fried Family Reunion
What I wore:
Southern Fried Family Reunion
 Southern Fried Family Reunion
Shirt- gifted from ROMWE
Lace Pants- gifted from ROMWE
Flops- (old) Aldo
Hair- …dirty as sin so I oiled it down and bunned it up. I plan to wash and re-style tomorrow.

The Boog Cam-
Southern Fried Family Reunion
‘got a new Stroller450, ain’t no toddlers messing with me.’
Southern Fried Family Reunion