So about two hours ago, I washed my hair and accidentally let it dry without so much as a leave-in. Bet you’re wondering why and/or how in the entire hell I let this happen…

Well, after longingly scrolling through images from my Greek Vacay, I got the itch to do a dry twist-out on heat stretched hair. So I dug out the trusty comb attachment, set out my heat styling products (Living Proof Full Thickening Cream+ Ouidad Mongongo Oil) and released my dirty, tangled, coconut oil laden hair from what had become the most wretched bun. I hopped in the shower and things progressed as usual, I ‘poo’ed with Mizani Supreme Oil Shampoo and used Aubrey’s GPB to condition and help release the knots. After some half-ass finger detangling, I finished the job (for the first time in more than a month) with the Denman, rinsed the conditioner and got out of the shower. I never blow dry soaking wet hair (more heat needed = more damage), so I had roughly 15 minutes to kill… easy to do with a 2 year old climbing the walls and an email inbox that’s pretty much a disaster area. 15 minutes became 30… 30 minutes became an hour and it didn’t help that I was sitting in front of the space heater. And now my hair is completely dry, fluffy, somehow moisturized and while it’s a little frizzier than normal, it’s not all that different from my usual WDTM&G. Perhaps I am doing the most.

Naked, unmanipulated curls… no product

the back has tighter penspring coils, with loads of undefined patches and shrinks like mad 

I’m gonna apply some coconut oil tonight and try for my blow-out tomorrow!

Also, *MAJOR* announcement tomorrow… stay tuned 🙂