(1) We didn’t discover that our apartment had a balcony until day 3!  We’d been so busy running around with the events, sight seeing and shutting clubs down,  that the curtain we’d never drawn, revealed a pretty dope deck and an even doper view–

(2) Hubby eats weird ish. He tries everything once! 

#Delish #FriedStuff #BitesBack

Silk Worm Larvae #Fail #Nope  
Squid Jerky #Fail #Nope

Cod fish roe… aiight 

Remember that blow fish

 We ate his cousin.  It’s called FUGU on the menu and we tried some! It tastes like fatty chicken… it was aiight but extremely over priced. 

(3) Tastes like home! #SoStLouis

(4) The potty shenanigans with all the switches, wires and line drawings of #BootyButtCheeks.  I cannot.  There’s got to be a way to sync this to an Apple product. #iScaredShitless

(5) Our guide and friend Andy told us proper Earthquake protocol and shared with us the location of the helmets. Oh…there’s just one? #Dibs. I woke up scared everyday the earth would be moving.

(6)The microwave… under the stove, complete with nothing but Japanese characters and #fiftyleven buttons. Why so complicated? I feel like I need another degree. 

 …and the light switches!  There’s a panel like this in every room. Since we don’t know what any of the switches do, we hit every one, every time, until something happens. One of those heats the wooden floor boards, tho! #Gangsta 

(7) At some point, a bell was ringing and we couldn’t determine the orgin… then we heard a voice, and saw this:

fully interactive video intercom #dope

(8) We went to a 24 hour Chinese resturant across the street from our appartment. They had pretty unique decor-

#DongGong #HidetheKids #PrivateParts

And a rather interesting menu. To the waitress’ surprise (but not mine) Hubby went with the scorpion dish.

He loved the lil’ scorprions but the mama one tasted… rather intense.  See me?! NOT. That was so staged… it was hard enough to pick it up! #Scurred #BitesBack
He cleaned his plate and left behind the stingers and claws #TheCarnage  He also attempted to tell the waitress to relay to the chef, as a compliment, that he ‘put his foot in the scorpion dish’… yeah, no.  That’s a difficult one to act out… #charades Didn’t translate well! 

It’s important to note the 90s r&b mix they had blasting… and that it was 8am, and we were consuming complimentary wine and beer. Toward the end of our experience,  I could hear Master P’s voice over a slow track… then Montell and despite not hearing that song in forever,  knew most of the words.  Here’s a throw back for ya-

(9) Just ’cause. 
#Lambo #Mercy 

 (10) More views from our abode–

the living room…
And now back to your regularly scheduled programming!
I’d like to thank SheaMoisture, American Airlines Black Atlas, Yokota Airforce Base, The USO, The Caribbean Connection (Melissa, Kim and Crystal), ROMWE and y’all for coming along with me! 
Later Gators,