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Curly Nikki

Boogie Nights

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Boogie Nights
Last night was the same as any other. As Boogie ran through the house ‘Power Ranger’ kicking the furniture, the vertical blinds and anything else unfortunate enough to be in her path, we watched in amusement, Facetime’ing with my parents. After all, it is their fault she’s going through this Blue Ranger phase… her Christmas trip to Pensacola found her surrounded by no less than 7 male cousins under the age of 10… all on their Super Samurai, complete with costumes. Hubby, aka Mr. Miyagi, enamored at the idea of ‘Gia: Lil’ Ass Kicker’, seized on the moment and ran out and bought her a Blue Ranger mask and action figure that she now often chooses over Thomas the Tank Engine and tea time with Mommy. So after her last roundhouse kick, in true Boogie form, she mounted her makeshift stage made from an overturned serving tray, sang one last song (which was disturbingly remininscent of Kid Cudi’s ‘Creepers’), bowed for her audience, blew my parents bye-bye kisses and I got her ready for bed.

She sleeps in her own bed now, most nights, but last night, I wanted to cuddle because I’m leaving town… again. So we climbed into my bed, old school Care Bears blaring on the Roku (more for me than for her), and we settled in. Sharing a pillow, she hugged my neck, we Eskimo kissed and for an epic moment that I wish could’ve lasted forever, she held my gaze and I was genuinely overwhelmed with love and gratitude for this little human that has so significantly changed our lives. Things have been a whirlwind lately and it’s times like these that bring everything into perspective.

And then she said it.

‘Thank you very much, momma… Gia bed now?’

All I could do was smile. Cuddle time was over. She was putting me down for her Dora the Explorer decked out crib. I admit to an initial sadness, but more than anything, I was really friggin’ proud. She eats with a fork, is rather picky about her meals and outfit choices, has an affinity for Power Rangers, likes to sleep in her own bed, and in true diva style apparently – refers to herself in the third person. Nikki ain’t mad.

P.S. See the bags she’s sitting on? I haven’t packed yet, lol. The silver one is still packed from Tokyo and the garment bag is packed from ATL. Ratchet, I know. Going to pack now!

Later Gators,

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