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Curly Nikki

D is for Dumbfounded

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
D is for Dumbfounded

If you recall, my soon to be neuropsychologist, super-genius of a sister, Syl, bought Gia a Leapad for Christmas to stimulate her baby brains. And apparently when she’s not snapping #selfies, she really is over here learning ish. Score one for the electronic baby sitter!

My computer bag has an enormous image of a keyboard across the front and I like to use it to practice numbers with the munchkin.  Today, feeling ambitious and using Thin Mints to hold her attention, we tackled the alphabet. 
I pointed to the letter ‘A’, and asked, “What word begins with the letter ‘A’, Gia?”

She responded, “Astronaut”, without batting an eye, like, ‘no bigs…’. 

I almost choked.  I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting, but it damn sure wasn’t ‘Astronaut’. Apple, maybe. I would’ve been proud, but not surprised.  Astronaut, tho? #Thru 
We went on up through ‘H’ with success.  When I pointed to the letter ‘C’, she said, “…cold, Mama” while shivering and hugging herself, and for ‘D’, she counted off, “1, 2, 3!” and began her imaginary drum solo, beating the air with her hands.  How’s that for associative learning?! 

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