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Curly Nikki

Here Comes the Sun

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Here Comes the Sun
‘When we got up this morn we had no plans to be this fly’… *shrugs* 🙂 #NowThisIsHappening #RockinRuffandStuff #FlatTwistnCurls


…managed to coax the kiddo back to sleep this morning so I could get on the good foot- with a little stillness and some much needed meditation.  Headspace claimed, I cranked up the music– FUN., AWOLNATION and Imagine Dragons #OnMyWhiteBoy with a lil’ Rih and Bey sprinkled in– and seized the day. Surprisingly, that blazing sun shown down upon us for the first time in, I don’t know, months? A little dramatic… it has been a minute, though.  We had no choice but to take advantage.

So the hurr.  Boog sported ‘big girl hair’ today to match the ‘big girl panties’ situation! As an aside, homegirl is a potty pro and has been since bootcamp (no more diaper butt!).  So today, she rocked her very first afro puff and she was digging the hell out of it, I could tell.  Prior to that awesomeness, her hair was still in the two french braids my mom created last week (on dry hair using Curl Junkie’s Smoothing Lotion to moisturize). I released the braids, applied some coconut oil and opted for one puff instead of two when I saw her length would allow for it, without any tension on her edges.

Last night, I co-washed my hair prematurely (I had plans to rock the blow out for another 2 weeks), using Aubrey Organics GPB and Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa to strengthen, moisturize and detangle.  I rinsed, plopped for 20, applied Ouidad’s Hydrafusion and created 7 terrible flat twists (3 in the back, going straight down toward my neck, and 4 in the front starting at the crown and twisting forward toward my fivehead).  I rolled the last 3 or so inches on skinny flexi rods, tied the roots down with a scarf and went to sleep.  This morning, I released, fluffed and rocked out.

It’s all alright over here!

Later Gators,

How did you master the taut (and neat) french braid? I need some help over here. I’d keep Boog’s hair in them all the time if I could do them myself. 

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