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Curly Nikki

‘I Like Your Shoes, Tho’

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
'I Like Your Shoes, Tho'
why in the entire hell are there still leaves in the yard, y’all?! It’s May. 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Boog’s been riding around and gettin’ it with my parents, as well as engaging in a lil’ child labor, apparently.  We’ve stayed Facetiming in my absence and she even sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me yesterday! *ugly cry*


'I Like Your Shoes, Tho'
Yesterday, my soon-to-be neuropsychologist of a sister, Syl, relieved my parents and took Gia to the Carbondale Science Center to stimulate her baby brains.  While Boog was busy engineering block structures, digging for fossils, and flying jets, she failed to see Ironman enter, stage right. 
'I Like Your Shoes, Tho'
Hairscapades… this one’s for you, boo!
The parents immediately began corralling the kids, lining them up for their photo opportunity, with who appeared to be a rather impressive (and imposing) Ironman.  Boog was initially excited, but as she watched the kids in front of her chicken out one-by-one,  she grew more nervous.  When her turn finally came she stopped in her tracks, waving both hands in front her of face saying, ‘no, no, no, no!’.  She wanted none of it.  Syl, being the good Aunty, decided not to force the issue, but as they walked away, Boog looked back over her shoulder and shouted at him, 
Spiderman, I like your shoes, tho!’.  
Syl said everyone in the vicinity heard it and LOST IT, including Ironman, who she could hear chuckling behind the mask.  He looked down at his feet and thanked her for the heartfelt compliment.  

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