They made me put it down! #SheStayWorking  
Yesterday we jumped on a plane for a weekend trip to La Coruña, Spain.  A small, coastal town in the north of the country that’s home to our new friends and founders of Go Natural Spain– Alvaro and Awanda.  They invited us up to talk about the ‘Go Natural Spain’ initiative.  They were particularly interested in getting my persecutive on how to bring attention to their movement and getting brands to commit resources to the Spanish market.  They promised us a fun evening complete with dinner, so we were eager to sit down with them. 
Little did we know that they actually RUN this city, and they don’t turn up… they tear it down. 

Casa de Walton II
 They stayed in their 200 year old, renovated family villa and loaned us their flat  

We’d been up since 5 am, so they suggested we take a ‘siesta’.  An hour later, we heard a knock at the door and there stood Alvaro looking like Humphrey Bogart bearing gifts of chocolate, Scotch, jamón y queso. We jumped in the car and were off…
Ya’ll bet’not say a word about my combat boots… in this instance, they were wholly appropriate- the sun is shining here, but like 5 minutes later it was monsoon’ing… but then like 5 minutes after that, the sun was shining again.  Crazy weather.
 Awanda’s super-woman-ass, picked me up, no warning or nothin’! 

#Again #GotDammit

Next up, tapas!

squid and octopus is La Coruna’s specialty!  

 octopus- tender and delicate, not at all chewy! 
Next up, we arrived at one of their favorite bars, English Premium Club. Being the VIPs they are, the staff closed the entire top floor for us… gangsta. happened, unexpectedly #TearItDown #AndSoItBegins

I want to stay here forever. #LettucePray
Then to yet another dope spot- 
swings and shit

and back to home base…
 #Selfies #FlickFlick #WeTight
And then we did the responsible thing and stayed in and rested our minds and our bodies, except we didn’t, and I just totally made that up. Smh… Awanda and Captain Alvaro go hard, stayed turnt and weren’t hearing ‘no’ as an option.  We found ourselves dressed and back out. #DeliverUsFromCaptainAlvaro #2Turnt #TooOldForThisIsh #SOS #NonStopParty #TearItDown

Sweater- Gifted from Romwe
Skirt- Gifted from Romwe
 Before and After OR Nighttime Daytime, haha! #BantuKnots


Hol up Hol up Hol up!

…at 4am, we had a 30 minute debate with Captain Alvaro about why we should #TurnDown and go home.  After driving the hell out of us and demanding at least another 2 or 3 hours, he folded and we went for hamberguesas before I laid my pretty little head down on my satin laced pillow and called it one.  #DeliverUsFromCaptainAlvaro #HelpMeHelpMePlease

Later Gators,