this was a particularly chunky wash-n-go because I put in about 9 twists that I had to unexpectedly remove when I was only 60% dry… to go kick it.  They KICKS IT over here.  Anyway, on your next wash-n-go attempt, put in some twists and take them down while your hair is still wet for some clumpy awesomeness. << long ass caption.
Hola Chicas!
My wash and go shrunk all the way the hell up from the rain situation and since we’re going harder than a mug and hair happens to be my last priority, I fro-hawked that ish.  The streets runneth over with jovial folks celebrating and living it up and I can’t miss out on a single, solitary second of it waiting on a set to dry.  So now this is happening.  

#FeelingFestive #FlamencoChic #TurnDownForWhat
Skirt gifted from SHOXIE
Tshirt and Jacket from Target!
Last night we made reservations at CasaPatas (which translates to the leg of the pig?) to enjoy some Flamenco dancing.  Can I just say… homegirl was getting it like a Black woman catching the Holy Ghost at church?!  Her enthusiasm and spirit was contagious on some real levels.  Much appreciated.  The singers… I had absolutely no Earthly idea what they were saying, but it was so powerful and passionate and made me feel good, so, yeah… we had a ball.  
Our slightly misspelled reservation


she left everything… all of it, right there on the stage… 
..then served me up some blue steel for the camera #FlickFlick

#Busted… caught Hubby on his way back in with ANOTHER sangria.  

Hair this morning after even more frizz–

Just washed, conditioned and now we’re packed up to jump on another plane in 5 hours (it’s midnight here). I’ll check back in soon!  #SleepWhenYerDead #GoingHarderThanAMug
#LifeIsShawt #ThisIs30Dammit

Later Gators,

p.s. You bet’not say a WORD about Scandal!  I missed it last week and I’m missing it AND The Office tonight.  Damn damn damn!!!!!