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Curly Nikki

There’s No Place Like…The Lou!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

There's No Place Like...The Lou!

Feelin’ way too damn good! 
#Reunited #BackInTheLou #WhereMyPeachVess

A series of unfortunate events turned what should’ve been an 11 hour trip from Spain into nearly 24 hours of tomfoolery.  And despite the fact it was looking highly probable that we’d be holed up in Dallas for a night (with 100s of other hapless souls), I just knew I was gonna make it home to my Boogie.  No doubts. Not a worry.  I just smiled and kept a positive attitude, entirely undeterred by the thunderstorms, the hour long customs line, the cancelled connection, the delayed flight we were hoping to go standby on and the hour and a half we spent on the tarmac (after we finally scored seats!) waiting on a mechanic to return to his post.  *sigh*


But we made it. At 3 am. And in the most gentlest (yet still inconsiderate) way, I woke Gia up and relished in our reunion before promptly retiring.  Of course, it wasn’t even three hours after that before she woke me up in a less gentle manner, with ‘mama, where you been?!’.  A few hours later, we were headed to the St. Louis Zoo, thanks to a little inspiration from the baby birds that’ve taken residence on my mother-in-law’s deck.

There's No Place Like...The Lou!

There's No Place Like...The Lou!

After we got Zoo ready, Boog walked up to her daddy, fluffed her puff with her hands and asked, ‘you like my hair?’  #MiniMe

There's No Place Like...The Lou!


There's No Place Like...The Lou!

He stayed mugging Boog!  

There's No Place Like...The Lou!
 Gia would beat her chest with both fists and then point to him like, ‘your turn, dude’.  #Nope
There's No Place Like...The Lou!There's No Place Like...The Lou!
There's No Place Like...The Lou!
 This was the third in a series of treats… we weren’t in the Zoo for 5 minutes before Hubby acquired a bag of popcorn and some cotton candy.  

Later Gators!

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