Last weekend was the realest.  Awanda and Captain Alvaro Sparrows welcomed us to Galacia, La Coruña-

and we sipped on baby coffees-

and peered through the window to America-

and took in amazing views of the city-

apparently if you kiss here you get knocked up! ha!  
and partied like frickin’ rockstars… #TearItUp #TurnDownForWhat #WeStillInThis


…Awanda, Captain Alvaro Sparrows, La Coruña,  it’s been-


but we’re back in Madrid packing it up, ready to re-enter the real world and reunite this one, before he gets to her!-

We couldn’t have had better hosts here in Spain! Thank you Awanda and Alvaro for showing us a tremendous time, thank you Jessicurl for helping us bring awareness to such an awesome movement and thank you CN community for coming along on this journey with me!  GoNaturalSpain… viva la revolución!

Later Gators,

p.s. Where to next?!  Suggestions!!!!