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Curly Nikki

Gettin’ it Like It’s 2006. (Nightly Regimen Tweaks)

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

Gettin' it Like It's 2006. (Nightly Regimen Tweaks)

It’s Friday and this joy I’ve got has very little to do with my hair.  But while we’re on the subject, this is the morning of day 3 with Marc Anthony’s ‘Stretch’, which is precisely what I’m doing-  trying to make this ish streeeetch ’til tomorrow.  As I’ve mentioned before, pineappling the wedge yields rather unpredictable results (it pulls the sides straight), and while sleeping with it ‘out’ on a satin pillow case usually works, some unfortunate mornings I wake up to an unintentional asymmetrical bob.

Read on for my bedtime reggie>>>

So now it’s 2006 up in here because I’m all the way back to using my clippy.  Before retiring in the evenings, I apply a teeny bit of coconut oil throughout, gather my hair low and loose at the nape of my neck and secure much of it with a mini banana clip.  You could also do this with a satin scrunchy.  It’s kinda like a reverse pineapple (keeping the hair stretched) and for those with shorter length, or varying lengths from a bob or wedge cut, this works wonders. I sleep with it like this on a satin pillow case or sometimes, if I’m feeling it, I’ll throw on that sexy-ass satin bonnet too.

Gettin' it Like It's 2006. (Nightly Regimen Tweaks)

What’s your nightly routine and how does it change with your current style of choice? 

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