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Curly Nikki

‘Happy Mother’s Day, Dada…’

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

'Happy Mother's Day, Dada...'
…that’s what Gia exclaimed this morning upon seeing her Daddy. I had recently explained to BoogieDown that Father’s Day was coming up and how we needed to acquire a gift for her daddy.  She looked at me puzzled, brows furrowed and disclosed, ‘but I have no money!’  Laughing, I told her I didn’t either to which she replied- ‘Daddy’s got money tho. I buy him a guitar!’  Although we settled on something less extravagant, she enjoyed handing it off this morning- 

'Happy Mother's Day, Dada...'
“Happy Mother’s Day, Dada!”
and baking him the most peachless peach cobbler I’ve ever seen.  Syl said she’d eaten nearly all the peaches before she could get them in the pan.  They had to make another trip to the grocery store! 
'Happy Mother's Day, Dada...'

Besides acknowledging my first love and bestie, Karl, aka Daddio-
'Happy Mother's Day, Dada...'
I also have to shout out the love of my life, the homie… the hubby. I’ve been ridin’ with my best friend for 13 years now. That’s more than a decade of inside jokes, shenanigans, belly laughs and monumental, life altering moments. 
Every time I see you teaching, dancing with, singing to or simply quietly watching our Boogie in amazement, I fall in love with you all over again. You’re a better daddy than you are husband and to me you’re the most amazing husband in the world.

Happy Father’s Day, boo! xx
'Happy Mother's Day, Dada...'
circa 2003ish… LAWD! 
'Happy Mother's Day, Dada...'
2006ish – peep his hurr?! He had grown it all the way out! 
'Happy Mother's Day, Dada...'
2010ish with new baby Boogie!
'Happy Mother's Day, Dada...'
Oct 2012

'Happy Mother's Day, Dada...'


Later Gators,
p.s. When Gia saw the first image (at the top of the post) she immediately proclaimed- ‘Rock and Rollllllll!’  What in the entire hell?! 

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