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Tips for Fathers: Curly Kids and Hair Care

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Tips for Fathers: Curly Kids and Hair Care
by Alicia James of

So, I know I am totally a day late, but in celebration of all the wonderful men who provide for, inspire, and teach our children, I wanted to do something that may help you and him just in case. I’ve had to travel quite a few times, leaving hair duty up to my husband. There are also those times when Mommy is just not feeling well. So I’ve taught him a few tricks that he has been open to learning even though it terrifies him.

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3 EasyTips & Hairstyles dads can do!

1. The Ponytail: One of the easiest hairstyles to teach a man (sort of) LOL! There may not be any fancy bangs or parts, but that’s okay! I taught my husband to simply gather all of the hair together and pull it back, then add an elastic and a bow!

2. Two Strand Twist: My husband caught on to this pretty fast. Now he may not be able to pull off the mini twists or a head full of twists, but he can add a little fun to a ponytail. Simply take the hair into two sections twist the sections around each other add an elastic on the end a cute barrette and voila, twisted pony! 🙂

3. Braids: Now my husband has not mastered the braids, but they are very useful when I plan a trip in advance. I always braid my daughter’s hair before I leave. This way all he has to do is add colorful bows.

In the end teach him all about the hair accessories and any hairstyle he attempts to do will make your little one happy, even if he just sits them right on the top of her head! LOL!

It is so funny because it’ll never be quite the way you do it, but it will be so sweet when he tries.

What hair tips have you shared with your significant other to help with baby girl’s hair? 

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