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Curly Nikki

The Real Circus?!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
The Real Circus?!

On Friday, Boog and I got cute and took Professor Daddy out for his birthday lunch. Over pork belly sliders, I confessed that I’d got us front row tickets to the circus (we have this running joke where we do everything I wanna do on his birthday). Hubby, mildly amused, shared that he had never been to a circus and was game. He went on to guess which one, offering up, ‘Ringling Brothers? Barnum and Bailey?’ 

I was like, ‘nope, it’s the UniverSoooouuuul Circus!’ Giving me the side-eye, brows all furrowed, he replied, ‘but I wanted to go to the real circus, tho…’, and was interrupted, mid-hate, by a gentleman seated at the booth behind us-

Dude: Excuse me. I don’t mean to disturb your lunch, but have you ever been?
Me: *smiling* No worries, and nope, not yet, are you affiliated?
Dude: Why yes I am.
Me: Well we have tickets to tomorrow’s show. 
Dude: *to Hubby* Give it a chance, I think you’ll be very impressed. It’s the greatest show on Earth!

…you never know who is listening! #WatchYoMouth

Fast forward to yesterday and the circus was EVERYTHING! We went to the club, church, school, the zoo and back, all while sitting in one seat! It was truly an awesome experience to see brown people on tight ropes and riding elephants #nShit. I was sold when #ColeAkaCockroach from Martin/TheCosbyShow hit the stage as the guest ringmaster, complete with a clique of little people. Totally entertained. Whenever the UniverSOUUUUUL Circus comes to your city, go out and support! It’s definitely NOT a second rate show.  I had a much needed blast! Oh, and Hubby & Gia had fun too 🙂

The Real Circus?!The Real Circus?!
#ColeYouStupid #RentEmSpoons 

The Real Circus?!

There was a crew of contortionists from Ethiopia! 

The Real Circus?!

Me: Gia, you wanna ride the elephant?
Gia: No. 
She stayed hiding from the elephants while asking, ‘where tigers at, tho?’

P.S. Speaking of second rate shows, Gia went to Chuck E. Cheese’s with her aunt and uncle today… for her very-grown-Uncle’s birthday #ItsThePizza. When they got back, we talked about how different good ol’ Chuck is from Showbiz, and after some reminiscing about Billy Bob’s band, found this:

#WhereAreTheyNow #WhatInTheEntireHell

P.P.S. I just found out today that it’s “Chuck E. Cheese” and not “Chuckee Cheese.” I’ve went the last 20-some-odd years not knowing his middle initial was E. :/

The Real Circus?!
Gia w/ her big cousin Marc @ Chuck E. Cheese’s 

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