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Less Obvious Causes of Thinning Edges- Natural Hair Care

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Less Obvious Causes of Thinning Edges- Natural Hair Care

Thinning edges are one of the scariest things to happen to a woman. No one wants the hair line that starts behind your ears.

Throughout my journey there have been a few times that I’ve noticed my edges thinning. Even when I was taking great care of my hair, avoiding tight styles, and sticking to a low manipulation regimen. After really paying close attention to my routine, I was surprised to discover the unlikely culprits.

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There are many different things that contribute to black women and thinning edges and some things are not so obvious.

3 Of The Not So Obvious Reasons My Edges Were Thinning-

Night Caps or bonnets:
There are satin night bonnets that come with cotton around the edge of the bonnets. It took me time to realize that my placement of the cap was snapping my edges at night. If you own this type of night cap roll the cotton edges over so that it does not rub and grab at your edges. Also be careful with the placement of your caps. Make sure the cap is pulled all the way over your head and hair line. I like to place a satin scarf over my edges and then add the cap or bonnet.

Make up Application:
When applying foundation we want to make sure it looks as natural as possible. It is very important to blend in the make up as close to your hairline as possible without actually blending it into your hairline. Find a foundation that is as close to your skin tone as possible. When your foundation matches your skin perfectly you don’t have to worry about having to blend foundation into your hairline. This will just cause the makeup to build up in to your edges, causing the hair to be dry and brittle. Most importantly, cleaning the makeup out of your hair can cause breakage.

Skin Care Routine:
I have battled with my skin for years. Last year I was able to take control of my skin, it is healthier, but it requires a constant regimen that includes washing and treating my face at least twice a day. After noticing thinning during the beginning of my healthy skin journey, I started to switch things up by wrapping the edges of my hair with my satin scarf before I did my normal routine. This will prevent you from scrubbing too close to your hairline, popping out those hairs, and causing the hairline to become thinner.

Hope that helps!

Have you ever battled thinning edges? What was the culprit? How did you recover?

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