thankful for my bob and the STEEZ of the chunky flat twist-n-curl  

Hola Chicas!

It’s another year and I’m very grateful to be here in St. Louis enjoying the fam, the eats and the view.

Check it out!>>>

Syl was on her Betty Crocker #PiesFromScratch #AndIsh 
#IDidNothing #CrackedOneSingleSolitaryEgg 

Me= tweetin’ about it
Mom= being about it 

 So the Christmas Tree. It’s already on and popping because we’re heading back to PA directly, and my mom wanted Boog to partake in the hall deckin’ and thangs. #Memories 
 Granny’s curly fro + Hubby! 
my ‘lil’ cuzzo, John-John
the kitten who moved herself into my parent’s garage. When we asked Gia to name her, she said, ‘just kitty kat’. 

my hurr– chunky flat twist-out (same set from HERE). I simply re-twisted with Oyin’s Hair Dew (5 twists), wore those for the week, rolled the ends last night and released this morning.  

my shirt- gifted from ROMWE

I hope you had an amazing day!!! Happy Thanksgiving!