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Life, Love and Pursuit of Protective Styling

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

Life, Love and Pursuit of Protective Styling
Pic1: my natural hair  Pic2: my weave
by Tammy Goodson of CurlyChic

Protective styling is not something I’ve been too successful at in the past but I respect it. I know that it has its place in the natural hair universe so I acknowledge its existence. I’ve always embraced the idea of it – I mean it makes sense. It is in line with all things sacred as it pertains to healthy hair and length retention:

• Protect the ends
• Low manipulation

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Quite simply, it’s just not something I’ve mastered so I’ve concentrated on how to retain and maintain a healthy mane without it. I’ve done a few pin up looks in the past including the bun I rock oh so faithfully. I’ve even done mini twists for a vacation look. However, I’ve yet to reap the true benefits of protective styling that everyone raves about. Most of my looks only last a day or two and never longer than 2 weeks. I’ve always toyed with the idea of a sew- in, even going as far has having a few glued in looks, which I would never recommend (it was cute but not smart) and I’ve had some pieces sewn in. I am now experimenting with my first full sew-in so yes I’m a virgin and so far I’m loving it. It too has its challenges and comes with its own set of rules but I am enjoying it for the most part. I definitely miss my curls but it is such a nice break from constant manipulation and day to day styling. I like it because it looks very similar to my own hair when I blow it out.

I’ve read so many articles regarding the controversy of weave – is it a protective style or not, is it really “natural”. All of which is so silly to me. Everything doesn’t have to be labeled and categorized does it? Sometimes a hairstyle is just that – a hairstyle. I don’t loathe my natural hair nor am I hiding behind anything. There’s no subconscious, deep rooted feeling of self-hatred going on, I simply wanted something new and it is my inherent right to do so right? One article talked about people who wear weaves aren’t really protective styling, they simply want long, flowy hair that they cannot grow. Perhaps there is some truth in that for some but it doesn’t apply to me. But even if it did, so what? The fact that someone wants long hair means they hate their hair? I have to respectfully disagree. It’s more about the mindset than it is the hair in my opinion. If I don’t like myself, it’s going to take more than a weave to combat that. At any rate, I’m just looking for an alternative to my current look. No more, no less, end of story.

I do feel my hair has flourished without protective styling, despite all of the manipulating and coloring I do to it. I do, however, believe that if I could find a style where I could give it a break, it would do even better. And of course it goes without say but I’ll say it anyway, diet plays a huge part in healthy hair as well. So there you have it. My hair is officially pulling a bear move by hibernating this winter.

Are you protective styling for the winter? If so, what’s your style of choice?
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