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Twenty-four hours and four delicious inflight meals later (international airlines have bomb food and the wine flows like water… so maybe I was faded… the food was good, tho) and we made it, y’all!  We touched down in Cape Town late evening and although I’m not sure if it’s yesterday or tomorrow, I’m chilling.  Everyone from the flight attendants to the cab drivers to our host, has been tremendously helpful and friendly and have made what could’ve been a trying journey, almost fun! I even met a CN reader in the Johannesburg airport during our short pit-stop there. #HeyBoo

We immediately exchanged our dollars for Rands…

and apparently it’s #AllAboutTheMandelas!  #MakingItRainFreedom

We always save a little money from each place we visit but this is pretty special.  #BlackMoney

Unfortunately, it was so late when we finally got settled in, that my gluten free snack pack became dinner.  #SmashedAllofit #AllTheBeefJerky

We did manage to get a good deal on a newly renovated loft in what used to be an old factory building in the art district. We affectionately refer to her as the Foundry Road Swag Factory.  
#FoundryRoad #SwagFactory 
you can see the iconic table mountain range from the kitchen window!

 and the view from our private terrace-
I’ll be back soon with pics from lunch! 
Later Gators!
I’m giving away a basket full of some of my staple hair products (to include Oyin, Aubrey, and Curl Junkie!).  For your chance to win, in the comments below, either-

1. Caption the above iconic ‘Mandela Shuffle’ GIF 


2. Share a question you’d ask a Cape Town natural.  

The comment with the most likes wins!  Good luck! 
*This contest closes tomorrow, Dec 29th at 5pm EST. *