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Curly Nikki


By January 27th, 2021No Comments
I finally did some hurr last night! I had no choice, tho. I have a flight to catch today and yes, that new Bey will be my soundtrack ’cause I am indeed #Flawless, #DrunkInLove, a #Grown(ass)Woman and things of that nature. That new Drake though, too #OwnIt. 

Anyway, we started a bit too late in the day so out came the trusty bonnet dryer to hurry things along.  This was going to be a first and I was fully prepared for all hell to break loose (seeing as how she covers her ears and asks me if the noisy contraption is a monster or an alien whenever I use it). But homegirl surprised me!  She was entirely too busy being great to even take notice of the thing hovering stealthily above her head.  An hour later I removed the rollers, quickly plaited her up for bed time and called it one.

Is anyone else avoiding ‘Blue’ (featuring Blue Ivy) because you’re afraid of the ugly cry that will ensue, along with the potential inability to gather yourself? I haven’t brought myself to listen to that one yet, lol. #BigBaby

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