Hola Chicas,

I’m just checking in one last time before Christmas morn.  It’s about 11pm on Christmas Eve and we’re back at Momma’s after an evening of fellowship, dranks and presents at Aunt Joan’s house. Boog is finally asleep and I’m pretty sure I just heard Santa knocking around under the tree putting toys together.  So yeah, there’s a pic heavy post ahead as I’m too tired to caption ish.

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Before heading out, Boog was being nosey and opened her Daddy’s gift.  She later told him what it was. 

My cousins Bobby and John!  They were deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq, but they’re both finally home safe! #SupportTheTroops

Boogie trying to ‘cheers’ her little cousin (my child).  

me x him  

#Cheers #BoysOnly #WoodfordReserve #PoorSomeOutForGrandpa

got me one too, tho… Momma looking like, ‘what in the entire hell? no boo, I don’t do dark liquor’ 
Uncle Bob! 

 Hubby clowning (of course) waiting on the family photo


John and his twin 

Merry Christmas, everyone! 
I love and appreciate you all!