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Curly Nikki

‘I’m gonna be so adorable!’

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
'I'm gonna be so adorable!'

…that’s what Boog proclaimed after suggesting ‘dress up’ for our next anti-techology activity.  Let me set the scene for you:

The time: all damn day on Jan 28, 2014

The place: Casa de Walton

The situation: Dr. Daddy was on campus so it was just us girls.

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Yesterday morning we braved the struggle temps for a little errand running.  On our way home, per usual, Boog declared her disapproval of the sun’s menacing eyeball-disrespecting-rays, but this time it was followed up by a mini freak-out sesh.  Apparently she spied some dust particles in the light coming through the window and was convinced that they were alive and capable of harming her person.  My attempts to listen to Bey were thwarted by Boog’s oh so serious cries of help, ‘Drive faster, Mommy! The dust buggies are gonna get me!’.  I talked her down.

Once home, she baked cookies for me, the toy trains and several of her more fortunate stuffed animals while singing ‘I’m a goooood baker’ to Beyonce’s ‘Grown Woman’, complete with dance moves.  The absolute most.  It was fun, until it wasn’t.

We quickly moved to Candy Land and after 8 games of her shameless cheating, she wanted to hear stories of when she was a baby.  She then put on a concert- she sang original songs at the top of her lungs, tap danced (or river danced… not exactly sure), did a few magic tricks and told some jokes.  The usual.

And finally, at around 6pm, she said, ‘let’s play dress up!’.  Considering she’s usually fighting evil villains with kick-ass Power Ranger moves (she sings, ‘I’m a Bluuuuuue Ranger’ to Beyonce’s ‘Grown Woman’), this was an interesting departure.  We grabbed the shiniest things from her wardrobe and while putting on the tutu, I asked, ‘where is your tiara from your birthday?’  To which she responded, ‘rockstar princesses don’t wear crowns, remember?! We wear sunglasses’.

Fast forward. She’s all dolled up and I took some pics for the fam in STL.  My sister-in-law was like, ‘um, where’s your dress at, tho?!’ So Boog picked out a dress for me, applied my lipstick and some pink eyeshadow (above my eyebrows) and I took the above selfie and sent it to her.  She responded, ‘that’s a headshot, I want the entire look, Momma!’, to which I responded, ‘boo, my legs are ashier than a mug. This is all I got.’

Later Gators,

'I'm gonna be so adorable!'
She was annoyed that she didn’t have glass slippers so I let her try on my new shoes 🙂 Her face says it all.  Also, she kept referring to me as, ‘my little highness’!

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