The final day of our African Safari Adventure was all about the babies (as well as my unwillingness to pack and vacate the premises)!  And since the experience transcends words, I thought I’d share ALL the pics- 

Meet Sam. He along with a female elephant (Tsotsi) were to be culled from Zimbabwe, but were ultimately rescued and brought to Botlierskop.  Here, they mated and along came super-adorbs Tshima which means ‘surprise’, because he truly was!  The staff had no idea that Tsotsi was preggers!
 Tshmia was HUNGRY!  

 Hubby feeding Sam
Moshe stays photobombing!
Tamron feeding Tshima!

Those teeth, tho! 

After that, we rode down the dirt path a little ways and stopped to spend some quality time with these 4- month-old siblings (one male, one female).  They could care less about anything but being near each other.  
Cutest lion cubs ever. Period. 
They were definitely bigger than we expected for 4 months. 

hence Tam’s initial reservations!


On my camerawoman! #TheCrew

 Johnny Wright! Peep his dope shades!  #SafariSwag

Hubby photobombing Tamron!

That’s all folks! I’ll check in after our 4.5 hour road trip back to Cape Town!  
Later Gators,