Hola Chicas!

When we got wind that Jay-Z had a tour date in State College, we dropped everything and promptly disrespected the finances, securing 4 tickets.

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He’ll be performing this Friday evening and due to a series of unfortunate events, one of #TheCrew–

the gentleman in the red shirt, that’s Nookie! 
…can’t make the trek from St. Louis. #PimpDown #HesOkayTho #ADrinkWillBeHadInHisHonor
At any rate, the show must go on because the homie Melissa (pictured below in the middle), is en-route and ready to turn up, turn up, turn up! 

So what does this mean for you?  Welp, thanks to Nookie, we have an extra ticket and I thought it’d be dope to bring a PA curly along.  Besides the amazing seats, the crew is truly a party-in-a-box.  I promise we don’t bite 😉 
If you’re interested in coming (forreals, it’s like… Friday, the 31st), email me at [email protected]  The 5th email I receive (barring any logistical issues) will get the ticket.  That’s it!  
Good luck and see you soon!