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Christian Douglas- “We All Cute Boo!”

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Christian Douglas- "We All Cute Boo!"
by Christian Douglas of

The Process… full glam (hair and makeup poppin)… take 42 selfies from the same angle with various minute facial changes… choose one selfie… apply 7 filters then blur… post picture to instagram, share to facebook, twitter, tumblr, linked in, my momma, my boss… attach 33 hashtags… wait.



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3 hours later still NO FEATURE

What does this mean? Was my hair not quite as fabulous as I thought? Do they not like me? Did they just not see it? Yep that’s it!

*Grabs phone and chooses the second best “selfie” and repeats process*… still no feature!

The natural community that we have all clamored to join and stalk religiously can can leave us a bit disgruntled if we allow it. I am guilty of this myself and that’s why I feel more than competent to talk to you about this.

The benefits of participating in natural hair communities via social media are numerous. I can attest to the amazing friendships, business connections, learning and inspiration that can all become yours by simply tagging a picture with #naturalhair. That dose of “inspo” can come with a nasty dose of insecurity too though, if we let it.

Being featured or not being featured should never make or break your day. It’s meant to be a fun way to meet new fabulously amazing naturals and a means to share advice and support. So let it be that instead of the new and improved version of the high school popularity contest.

We all cute boo!

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