Hola Chicas!
So I didn’t bring home an award, but I refuse to say I lost. Not because I’m in denial or anything, but because every step on the red carpet felt like I was on that Charlie Sheen. #WINNING 

Every event like this truly does feel like one small step for me and a giant leap for every girl or woman who supports this natural hair space and for every boy and man who supports them.

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And how can I be upset with losing an NAACP Image Award when I’m in such great friggin company?! At the beginning of this journey I heard every doubter, hater and nay sayer tell me why this book wouldn’t work. However, you all responded and together we made history! Rest assured that the true impact of ‘Better Than Good Hair’ (BTGH) will be felt for years to come, in the many girls that will grow up with more self confidence than I did and of course the other book projects which will now get serious consideration and more importantly, the appropriate backing by large publishing houses. I’m happy that with this project we have opened these large and very heavy doors for others. As Jay-Z says the greatest form of giving is anonymous to anonymous…so here ya’ll go!

Lets briefly recount what we managed to accomplish together:

*plays Jay Z’s La Familia*

(1) BTGH made the Washington Post Best Sellers List in February, the first natural hair book to make any best seller list ever!
(2) BTGH made the Publisher’s Weekly Best Sellers List.
(3) BTGH rose to become the #1 most popular book on Amazon books–Health and Beauty
(4) BTGH skyrocketed to pierce the top 10 category on Amazon.com, becoming one of the top 10 most popular books in any category in the nation in its debut week
(5) BTGH completely sells out on Amazon in three days!
(6) In its first 2 months, the response to BTGH is so enormous that Harper Collins Publishers orders that additional copies be printed 5 separate times.
(7) BTGH is nominated by the NAACP above and beyond its category (i.e. Instructional Book) to compete with the very best first time authors in the nation (i.e. Best Debut Author) for an NAACP Image Award.
(8) Nikki Walton —————–redacted———————-, oh that’s right you’re not supposed to know about that yet. Stay tuned!

I could go on about the surreal nature of drinking wine with Guillermo Diaz, and Jeffrey Wright while Ricky Smiley was on his Lil’ Daryle over the PA system… or having Brandy and Miss Robbie hugging each other over my left shoulder as I barely touched my plate of salmon. It was weird, to say the least. But, hey who’d believe me anyway?

Thanks again to the NAACP for recognizing the Natural Hair community and BTGH, and congrats to all of the winners!  And you’re welcome NAACP for slaying that carpet for y’all! For real though, I had a great time and took so many pics with other great losers like my self 🙂

Check out the view-

Our Pasadena Situation- 

My category was Friday night and after a day of lazing about, we woke up like ‘dis- 

#OOH #KillEm
look at me and my lil booty!  ha! 
A good ole’ Red Carpet serve…
so how ’bout I introduced myself to Iyanla and she already knew me!  #TeamNatural #WeRollDeep #WeOutHere
Sweetie Pie’s!  We lost but we’re still #SoSaintLouis 
Miss Robbie was killin’ it in that skirt! Do I forsee a natural hair meetup at Sweetie Pie’s?! 
We lost but we were still gladiating, tho! #Scandal
So Jeffrey Wright was sitting at my table. No bigs. 
Pamela Young was seated at our table prior to our arrival and y’all know she was a CN Reader!  We talked hair for much of the dinner! She won for Outstanding Literary Work- Fiction!  Congrats boo! 
 then this happened! 
Brandy was being dope at the table adjacent to ours! 
Ladies and Gentleman, Mr. Brown!
Regina King! 
Lil Mama!
Tasha Smith’s twin dope cut! She kilt it. 
On the way out the door, I jumped back on the carpet for good measure! #OOOH #KillEm
Then we ran into Tatyana outside!
Later Gators!