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Curly Nikki

Down By the River.

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Down By the River.Down By the River.

No. I promise we’re not Missouri residents, but I am in St. Louis again.  This time for Dr. Daddy’s spring break.  It was a sunny 78 degrees yesterday and it took everything in my soul not to break out the booty shorts.  It was happening.  But it turns out that pants were a good idea as it’s a rude 38 degrees today with a chance of snow.

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At any rate, last week during a short stint in Happy Valley, Gia and I climbed into bed to watch a little Netflix. Movie watching is my way to gracefully bow out of another round of trains, dress up or other shenanigans, and maybe even rest my eyes a bit. It was her turn to pick a movie and after I veto’ed Power Rangers, she settled on Disney’s ‘A Goofy Movie’. The premise was that Goofy’s son, Max, was heading off to college, leaving Goofy and me (for some reason) all depressed. I squeezed Boog and said, ‘one day you’ll go off to college just like Max’. To which she responded, ‘with you and daddy?‘ And I said, ‘no, by yourself!’. She frowned and said, ‘but I want to stay with you forever and ever.‘ #UglyCry #SheImmediatelyRequestedCookies #SheKnowsWhatShesDoing

In other news, later in the movie, Dr. Daddy came in the room and proclaimed, ‘I’m hungry.‘Me too‘, I concurred and Gia chimed in with ‘Me three!‘. I cannot. Where in the entire hell does she get this stuff from?! Maybe she’s already ready for college.

Later Gators,

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