Glamping. All the s’mores, none of the bugs. #NoPicturesPlease

‘Mommy, Mommy, Mommy! What are we gonna play next?!’ That’s the question I field about a bajillion times a day right before remembering that Dr. Daddy and I really have to get to work on this baby brother/sister, Gia-needs-a-live-in-playmate thing (someone remind me to delete this post before baby #2 can read, please and thank you).


It was a typical Monday evening.  Boogie feverishly planted Jelly Bellies in the green area rug in hopes that maybe this time a beanstalk would sprout.  She re-inacted several key scenes from Frozen, locking herself in my bedroom so that I would be forced to sing, ‘Do you wanna build a snowman’ to coax her out.  Finally, when she noticed the sun setting, she reminded me that because she, ‘listened the first time’ for much of the day, I promised her a camp-out. So out came the chopsticks, marshmallows, sleeping bags and my bottle of Riesling. All of the camping – none of the nature. It was a win-win for everyone, even for Dr. Daddy who, God bless him, just rolls with it.  That’s him in the red sleeping bag. He was knocked before I could tell the first campfire story.  #WeThatOld #ThreeYearOldsDrainYourLifeForce
Later Gators,