Yesterday I conquered my fear of roller coasters. Well, to be more specific, above track roller coasters. Don’t ask me why there’s a difference, but hanging comfortably nestled underneath the track is so much more appealing than all of that open air above my head waiting to swallow me up because maybe the roller coaster manufacturer didn’t account for the fact that the “safety bar” might not necessarily protect average height people with below average weights. #FirstWorldProblems #ThatMomentWhenYourButtLeavesTheSeatTho 

But I digress. This is what that fear looks like illustrated.

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Let’s observe for a second the actual moment where I lost my ish. Note that Syl is either enthusiastically throwing her arms in the air or praying to the heavens that we make it back to the ground alive. This picture was snapped on ‘American Thunder’, but ‘The Boss…’

See all those little red circles? Yep…you guessed it: All the places where I cried or pee’d a little.  Syl popped her neck, and hubby was cursing up a storm.

And where was Boog during all of this? Start playing ‘Dancing Machine’ on your mental radio.

Out here acting a dang fool.

Now this is the same little girl who was scared of pumpkins. Not jack-o-lanterns. Pumpkins. And Santa Claus. But here she is riding the kiddie rides like a G.

She rode everything. Even when all the other kids were too scared, she got on by herself. No fears. *sigh* How will this translate into the teenage years?

Later Gators,

Momma! She got on a few rides too!  But mostly, she was the Boogie watcher.