All the eye batting, hair fluffing and guilt-tripping statements like, “I just want to be like you”, and “I love my curly hair so much!”, led to a very hesitant, ‘yes’. I know my child. Peep the timeline- 
7:00 am
Defined, moisturized waves (from Qhemet’s Moringa Tree Conditioning Ghee)   

Yep, her grown butt is in a high chair.  It’s the perfect height for styling her hair, plus, she can’t escape. #DontJudge   

1:00 pm 
Humidity happened. That, and the general rambunctious carryings-on of a 3-year-old
3:00 pm 
Frizzy awesomeness. #OnSwole #WhoGonDetangleItTho
8:00 pm 
See that single, solitary kissy-curl hanging so delicately on her forehead? It’s soaking wet, as is much of the front of her hair. As I walked in the kitchen she said, ‘Momma, it was an accident!’  That’s what she yells right before I discover what was more than likely a purposeful mess.  She had spilled her water on the tray and down the front of her shirt. And on her face… and in her hair?  I promptly pulled the tangled, damp puffs into buns and put off the detangling, moisturizing, re-braiding and sealing for another day. #ICant #WhereMyDrank
*sigh* I absolutely love that Boogs loves her hair! It means I’ve done my job. But how ’bout that detangling sesh is all me, tho.  We’re currently trying to find a happy medium where she can enjoy her braid-out puffs and I can still enjoy my weekends.  Oil pre-poos are helping greatly.  I’ll report back with her regimen soon! 
Later Gators,