The bun went so very hard this weekend.  It hung out at Eatonville, re-upped at Trader Joe’s, had wine at Bobby Vans, spent them spends at Tarjay, smashed all the chicken fried oysters at Marvin’s, met some CN readers… and engaged in a little date night turn-up on U street.  It even loitered a little-

I thought I’d respond to questions about my bun situation here.

What do you do to your hair after you Curlformer it?
Once it’s fully dry, I remove the Curlformers and part it down the middle to create two flat-twists to stretch out the Shirley Temple-esque curls while still giving that joint some texture.  The more stretched the hair, the bigger the bun.  The more texture the hair has, the bigger the bun.

How do you create your bun?
The next morning, I undo the twists and using my fingers only, gather all of my hair at the crown and secure using two satin scrunchies (from Sallys).  The satin scrunchies are not only easy on my fine hair, but also add bulk and volume to the resulting bun.  I then spread the hair in the ponytail out, in all directions around the scrunchies to hide them, and loosely wrap and pin until the bun is roundish and to my liking.  It’s essentially a sock bun.

What about your edges?
As long as I re-twist (in the 2 flat-twists) or at the very least, wrap my head in a satin scarf, my edges are good to go.  I don’t like the stiff/artificial look of gels or creams on my edges, so I simply smooth them with my hands (only made possible by the scarf the night before) and add this satin-ribbon headband thingy to handle any fly-aways.  I get them from Walgreens. They’re cheap, they don’t slide, they don’t give me a headache (like the Goody ones) and they’re cute as hell. 
What do you do at night?
 If I’m on my game, I take the bun down, put the hair into two flat twists (no combs, just fingers) and pin them so that the one on the left is stretched and pinned on the right and vice versa.  This keeps my hair textured (the twists) and stretched (the pinning).  I then put on my satin cap.  If I don’t have time to re-twist, I simply put on my satin cap and the bun lives on another day. I never really have to re-moisturize (thanks to the pre-poo/deep treatment and super moisturizing leave-in on day one), but I do keep the ends lubricated with my coconut/castor oil mix.

from this…

to this.
How do you create your jumbo buns?

Later Gators!
p.s.  That whole fit is courtesy of Target–  The salmon scarf (I’m slowly trying to wean myself off the pink one) and the super cute (and cheap!) jumper.  You’ll also be happy to know that for the first time in months, I left the combat boots at the crib.  With all the walking ’round town (we keep the car parked!) my toes were screaming #GiveUsUsFree.