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Curly Nikki

Orange is the New Black and Wash and Gos are the New Lick (Again)

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Orange is the New Black and Wash and Gos are the New Lick (Again)

Last night, something major happened.  Energizer Boogie’s battery ran down early and Dr. Daddy was pre-occupied with a project.  This left me to my own devices, which rarely happens. But when it does, it means pouring a large glass of wine, ordering greasy-deliciousness from GrubHub, removing my pants, throwing said pants across the room and catching up on my shows.  Shout out to KJ.

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Despite my best intentions to enjoy only one episode a week,  I binged watched Orange is the New Black.  Every. Last. Episode.  And when it became abundantly clear that neither Vee nor Black Cindy’s silly ass was gonna let me sleep, I decided I might as well do my hurr. Here’s what I did–

(1) I applied a pre-poo of (all the) coconut oil.  I never poo‘edtho, just co-washed.
(2) To warm things up, I  put on a plastic cap and my equally sexy, heat therapy wrap.
(3) After about two more episodes,  I rinsed it in the shower and applied Aubrey Organic’s GPB.
(4) I let that situation marinate while I shaved and sang along poorly to approximately four songs– Drake’s ‘Tuscan Leather’, ‘Wu-Tang Forever’, ‘Furthest Thing’, and ‘Own It’.  So by my estimation, that GPB sat for like 20 minutes before I began finger detangling.
(5) I rinsed the GPB clean and applied Ouidad’s Hydrafusion (throwback alert!) using the praying hands method to 4 sections (2 in the back and 2 up front).  I was still in the shower at the time.  The praying hands methods gives me great clumpage, smooth results and slightly more even shrinkage.
(6) When I got out of the shower, I twisted or finger twirled the frizzy bits and then sat under the hooded dryer for about 1 episode… I couldn’t hear well, so that was over real quick.  I air-dried the rest of the way.

At about 90% dry, I realized that the final episode had been going on forever. I was in the home stretch, but still had another 45 minutes to go… the sun was coming up, my eyes were getting heavy and I had been avoiding the clock since one a.m. All that to say, no sleep was had, I cooked a struggle breakfast for Boogs, who was up within an hour of the finale going off, and I’m once again here for the Ouidad Hydrafusion.

Later Gators,

p.s. It was totally worth it, though. Happy Friday, y’all! 

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