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The Move: White Castles and Red Lights

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
The Move: White Castles and Red Lights
we stayed in STL so long, that Gia had a chance to have her teeth cleaned by MY family dentist.  Dr. Keith! She was all smiles.  #HerBraveNow #GoodReportToo

So my two week trip home to St. Louis became a 3 week trip, then a schedule-disrespecting 4. It was apparent that we were having too much fun and the time came to gather ourselves and get it together.  The guilt of being a 31 year old on summer vacay became all too real.

I got back to Happy Valley Monday after an entire day of traveling and had to pack. -__- Not a bag. Not a box. The whole. Damn. House. #procrastination.

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At one point, I was sitting on the floor waiting for lunch and Gia came over and stroked my head and said “Mommy, don’t give up.” The struggle was real, but it could’ve been worse. The new spot is fully furnished, so while I packed up our personal effects, the people of Craigslist (who Gia affectionately referred to as ‘our new friends’) were dropping by to haul away our big ish. Bottom line– Happy Valley-ians were on the come up yesterday.

The Move: White Castles and Red Lights

So Tuesday, after being up from the ass-crack of dawn and driving for HOURS to my new city, I found myself in traffic on traffic on traffic. I’m talking a sea of red tail lights, the likes of only which could be found in disaster movies. The silver lining however, was that I was surrounded by PEOPLE! MY people! Civilization! Interstates! Traffic Lights! Shopping! No offense Happy Valley, but the heart of this curly girl beats for the big city. It’s going to take some adjustments, but with a view like this from the new roof top situation–

The Move: White Castles and Red Lights
#Oh #HiDC
and this view from our window–
The Move: White Castles and Red Lights

I can’t have too many complaints!
For the last few months, Boogs has been telling everyone with ears that ‘Rooock Obama’ was building us a house and that most of his planning was done out of his home, White Castles. #cravecaseofpolitics

The Move: White Castles and Red Lights
#NewCrib #Loftin

I need to get with Michelle and talk to her about my future in politics. Secretary of Curl Defense? Director of the Curl Intelligence Agency? I like the right of that. But first, a glass of wine.

Later Gators!

p.s. I had to edit to add that for those of y’all requesting a #TurnUp, we’ll be getting it like this–

(minus the ambulance, of course, lol. I can watch Dude alllll day!) 

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