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Twist-Out Tips and Tricks- Preventing the Frizz.

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
I’ve seen and heard many a natural gal lament that their twist-outs or braid-outs never come out right. There are many things involved in getting the “perfect” outcome, but one thing that can help you achieve a decent look is this…
Twist-Out Tips and Tricks- Preventing the Frizz.

Yes, smoothing down the hair as you unravel your twists/braids with an oil will continue the process of sealing the cuticle (which should have started at the moisturizing stage) and give you a nice, clean look.

Additional Tips–
In addition to the use of certain products for hold, etc, a great defined look has a lot to do with the actual installation of the twists or braids. If you’re twisting, give each of the two sections a little twirl before you twist them together… am I making sense? LOL! If that was unclear, I’ll do my best to try and get a video up for you.  If you start running out of hair for one of the two sections, simply join them together and twirl your finger around the end to form a coil.
Twist-Out Tips and Tricks- Preventing the Frizz.

When braiding, be sure to keep the hair slightly taut (but not TOO much) and keep the braid tight. Now, I don’t me tight to your scalp! What I mean is, the braid “nodules”, if you will, should be so close together that you cannot fit your finger in between them. Got it? Now, here’s the tricky part. As we get to the end of a braid/plait, if one of the pieces starts to run out, we tend to “borrow” hair from another piece so that there will be even amounts of hair in each of the three sections as we finish off the braid… I know it’s hard, but try your best not to don’t do that if you want a seamless look. When you unravel the next day, those ends won’t know what hit ‘em and then it’s frizzy city! Instead, join that thinner or shorter piece to another to form two and proceed to twist the rest of the way down. Your ends will look MUCH cleaner when you take the braids out.

I hope this was helpful!

<center> If you have any personal twist/braid-out tricks you’d like to share, feel free to do so below! </center>

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